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  Waffles , also known as waffle, waffle , a scone , from Belgium, with a dedicated pan roasted, very popular in Western countries breakfast . Not only ancient legend has always maintained excellent quality and aromatic taste , it is a noble symbol of high quality of life.

  Qinqin Elegant waffles brand - Ai Lige , derived from the English "Elegant, graceful" transliteration , consistent with the taste of Chinese professional white-collar crowd , meaning exquisite, elegant , with a sense of quality waffle experience.

  Qinqin Elegant waffles introduction of the world 's most advanced full set of original waffle production facilities , the construction of one hundred thousand health sterile workshop , selected fortified flour, fresh eggs and milk and other raw materials , the use of advanced technology in Germany Baked incense , , double-sided fire roasted, effectively locking nutrients to keep waffles unique , pure taste , pure flavor Millennium Belgian heritage , is a professional white-collar workers in the fast-paced life, elegant , nutritious and convenient meals .

  Special process and selection of raw materials , creating a kiss Yili Ge waffles products are not the dregs , not greasy, do not get angry features , eggs fruity , low sweetness , delicate taste , soft and chewy ; a frame and the appearance, shape beautiful, convenient with condensed milk , salads , jams and other food , experience a different waffle flavor.